Increased cases of sexual harassment and assault cases of women in different parts of country:

While most of women are still living in their comfort-zones, many are taking it as a WAKE-UP CALL and gearing up to protect themselves and others as well. Best example is :


Wake up ladies and smell the coffee ! Avail our “Women Self-Defense ” Package and walk on the road fearless.

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Women as compared to men have different reasons to learn about self defense for instance a man doesn’t need to learn techniques against sexual assault.

There are many more reasons:

  • Women have to confront or battle threats which have unique characteristics
  • Women have a different physique from men and are inferior in terms of strength
  • Culturally, men and women are still treated differently, which breed a certain mentality in both of them.

Krav Maga encapsulates all these differences and places special importance in dissolving the mental disparities.

Women must content with two main threats: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment. Krav Maga teaches them to confront these problems by using the “Correct Behaviour under Risk” method.

This highly efficient methodology consists of:

  • Identifying and avoiding a risk situation
  • Fast retreat
  • Equip yourself with objects in the surroundings
  • Fight – Using Krav Maga self defense techniques
  • Flight- After fighting retreat and protect oneself

Krav Maga focuses on training women mentally first to avoid and direct encounter and then later how to escape or handle it. It includes learning technique to use the environment or objects lying around for self defense, being offensive by fighting and hitting the offender at most vulnerable positions, combating offenses like taking a punch or blow to the body.

Hence by the end of a couple of months of training the women is conditioned to assault, mentally prepared, alert and also confident of her reflexes as well as techniques.


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