SWAT Krav Maga

SWAT teams differ from normal Law Enforcement forces in that, they deal with extremely difficult and volatile circumstances. They are required to take law-enforcing actions with a harsh and more militant attitude, as they are usually confronted with hostile situations in narrow spaces such busses and buildings. They also usually deal with armed attackers and their mode of action reflects that.

A hostage situation demonstrates the complicity of the SWAT team’s work : They arrive after the law has been broken; the place of action is within the country’s borders; they incorporate techniques from VIP protection; and their actions against the attacker are fatal and militant; however if the attacker surrenders, they must apprehend him as law enforcers.

The main use of Krav Maga in SWAT units is for its psychological merits. It is a good instrument for teaching trainees the “switch-on, switch-off” technique.

Air Marshal

The main factor that influences the techniques for Air Marshal Security is the airplane’s shape and structure- a narrow, tube shaped space. Krav Maga is very useful in this situation, especially when using fire arms is virtually impossible, dangerous and only used as a last resort.

Sea Marshal

Like the Air Marshal, the Sea Marshal has to act alone in a closed perimeter. His responsibilities are varied from dealing with threats outside the craft while docking, protecting passengers from each other and from terrorists, battling terrorist threats and also using firearms. A Sea Marshal’s job is psychologically very taxiing as he and his team must work alone (without backup), and away from civilization for long time periods.