Law Enforcement

The law enforcement personnel’s job is literally to enforce the Law. While the soldier has the right to kill, a civilian should only protect himself and the 3rd Party protectors cares only about guarding his client; a Law Enforcer protects the Law.

Krav Maga is a flexible tool and it can be modified to fit each country’s set of laws.




Since Law Enforcers are equipped with specific tool and weapons, Law Enforcement subjects under Krav Maga are specially designed to maximize efficiency of these tools to fulfill their mission in the best possible way. For eg: handle handcuffs efficiently, to use the pistol as a cold weapon etc.

Law Enforcement Krav Maga techniques are highly recommended for the following reasons:
The ability to operate under great stress. Krav Maga allows the law enforcer to continue operating even under extremely unusual and complicated situations.
Granting the law enforcer tools for using force that allow him to complete. To use his tools as a means of combat and defense as well.
Quick and easy to understand and imbibe techniques.
The ability to modify the techniques to fit each country’s set of laws.