Our basic Krav Maga instructor course is 200 hours in duration and is taught by only the best. Learn Krav Maga from Senior IKMF Instructor and members of the Krav Maga India Team.

The length and quality of our Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) ensures that you are equipped with all the tools you need to be an excellent Krav Maga instructor and create a successful Krav Maga program.

Our Krav Maga instructor course is for those interested in learning and teaching self defence to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Subject of Training:

  • Combative: Counter Attack and defenses
  • Attacking with the Hands and Legs
  • Defenses against Punches and Kicks
  • Releases from Grabs, Chokes & Holds with implementation to Weapon Retention
  • Defending attacks involving a Stick / Club
  • Defending attacks or threats involving Edged Weapons (Knives)
  • Defending threats involving different Firearms (Guns)
  • Defending Multiple Attackers and related subjects
  • Mental training, the elevation of Determination, Aggressiveness and Persistence
  • Simulations and Scenarios, training and analyzing. Functioning under Stressful Conditions

And lots more..

To Enter Our Instructors Program:

  • Background in the martial arts, preferably in striking arts. You do not need to have trained in Krav-Maga for a number of years, although knowledge of the system is desirable. The amount of background in martial arts are could vary. It is not the number of year, but the proficiency in the art that is important.
  • Age – over 20
  • Good physical condition / fitness
  • The desire to teach. The program is not recommended for people who only want to train

Contact us at info@ultimateindia.in

At the end of each part of CIC, you will receive level rank according to your skill and receive certification for the courses.

Spread the word around to your family and friends too, to avail of this wonderful opportunity. Krav Maga is gaining appeal in India by leaps and bounds and we are looking forward to more and more people joining CIC to train as instructors and take up teaching Krav Maga part time or full time. We have enquiries everyday from all over India, asking for instructors in their cities/ towns.

We take great care to train you and ensure it is passed on properly and effectively. Our aim is to teach Krav-Maga Self Defense and fighting techniques, using the same approach and high standards we have utilized in our own military past.

This course is open for all.

  • You will be provided with the course writing material.
  • In case of need, basic first aid will also be provided.
  • Necessary protective equipment like Groin guard needs to be with the participants during training.
  • All training gear can also be bought from the training venue during the course.