Stop doing so many crunches

Most people think that to achieve a flat, toned stomach you need to do a thousand crunches every morning before work, but that’s just not true. The surprising secret is that doing lots of ab specific exercises will only help you tone that area on a short-term basis, if at all.

To get the flat stomach you want, you have to work your entire core, building up its strength and flexibility. Doing exercises like ZUMBA FITNESS or DANCE work will help you do this. Working your core is the key to achieving a flat stomach because it works all of the muscles in your stomach area, such as the rectus abdominis, your internal and external obliques and your transversus abdominis.

Hindu Business Line – Self-defence workshops for women and girls

NEW DELHI, JAN 24:Attack is best form of defence! So say several groups of martial art trainers and groups, who shocked by the horrific gang-rape case here last month, are offering a slew of workshops and self-defence classes free for women and girls.

“We want women and girls to be able to know what to do when faced with assault, be it at the workplace on the streets or even at home,” says Vicky Kapoor, renowned Krav Maga and combat trainer.

Krav Maga is a martial art form developed by Israeli defence forces. It revolves around the idea of how one can overcome an an enemy who is much stronger.

“It is especially suited for women, as they are generally petite as compared to the built of their attackers in most sexual-assault cases,” says Kapoor.

Kapoor is part of SLAP (Street Level Awareness Program) a non-profit voluntary body of concerned citizens, formed after the December 16 rape of a 23-year-old girl.

The organisation is holding free workshops to impart tips and tricks to be always combat ready in case of contingency.

The first workshop is scheduled to be held in Delhi on January 26 and similar workshops are being planned in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

“Krav Maga is very effective and very easy to learn. It is still an evolving system and we call it a battle effective system. It is a full fledged survival system,” says Kapoor who has been holding free workshops here every Sunday.

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Perfect Punch – Asian Age

Mriganka Dadwal, 33, still remembers that chilling day when with her sheer display of courage she not only saved her life but also changed the course of her life.
A few years back, on her way home from work, a few rogues attacked her. A fiesty Mriganka narrates how she handled the situation, and became what she’s today. “I just hit their groins with my phone and escaped,” she says. “But recalling that event still makes me shiver,” she says.
Soon after that, Mriganka enrolled for a self-defence training programme, which she thinks is an absolute must for every working woman.
Now moved by the recent gangrape incident and rise of violence against women, the founder of Wedding Stories, along with likeminded young professionals is campaigning to take the idea of self-defence to the grassroot through the initiative, S.L.A.P — Street Level Awareness Program.
Busy youngsters meet after work and on weekends to chalk out their recent campaigns and make use of online forums for discussions.
“Agitations and protests are important, but along with this, we believe something concrete needs to be done at the ground level. An awareness program of this kind is an absolute must,” says volunteer Smita Vaish, who works as an e-content developer with an MNC.
Rahul Sharma, 25, who’s working as deputy manager with Bhushan Steel offers his bit as a judo player for the cause. “We did not party on New Year eve, instead we went to Jantar Mantar to support the protests. We wanted to make a point that we are very serious about the issue. Self-protection training for girls is a great idea and I make sure to dedicate my time for this initiative,” he says.
The group is organising self-defence workshops, along with Krav Maga expert and combat trainer, Vicky Kapoor across the four metros on January 26.
“There has been a lot of taking going on. We know that our authorities are lazy and till the time they wake up, so let us take our protection in our hands. We will be teaching girls how to take charge of the situation and be ready to act. We will also give them legal knowledge on women’s rights,” says Vicky.
For Mriganka, S.L.A.P gives direction to the anger. “We live in an illusion that ‘things like rape or sexual assault happen to other women’. But I know if I don’t raise my voice today, tomorrow it could be me, my sister or any woman close to me. So let’s wake up and gear up to act,” she says.

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Krav maga classes in Castlebar and Ballina

Krav maga was developed and refined during World War II and Israel’s War of Independence by Imi Lichtenfeld. Krav maga is Hebrew for “contact combat”. It is based on utility, instinct, simplicity, and adaptability. It emerged from an environment where violence, mostly political, was unfortunately commonplace.

Because it was developed to teach a disparate group of soldiers of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, its techniques are simple and instinctive. They can be used effectively by men and women of all sizes, shapes, physical abilities, and ages. Even celebrities are getting on the krav band wagon—Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Swank, Lucy Liu, John Mayer, Matt Damon, Anna Kournikova, Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, and Charlize Theron. Krav maga is also becoming popular as a conditioning and fitness regime (you can burn 900 kcal).

All techniques are thoroughly tested in real-life situations and improved and refined accordingly. Techniques are constantly modified, added, and discarded as real-life encounters are analysed.

The system comprises simple, easy-to-learn techniques based on natural body movements and logical defence principles. Practitioners can attain a high level of proficiency in a relatively short period of instruction.

Classes start on Tuesday September 18 at 8.30pm at Castlebar Tennis Club, Lannagh Road, Castlebar, or on Wednesday September 19 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm from Ballina Community Centre, Cathedral Road, Ballina.

To book your place ring or text Robert on 087 065 9709. For more info visit


It’s about more than self-defence

Doing Krav Maga means more than self-defence for 50 year old HR specialist and management advisor, Sandeep Kataria. A fitness enthusiast, Kataria was attracted to this tough selfdefence training and has ended up making great contacts at the Krav Maga studio. Some have helped his business and others have become good friends. We know the benefits that Krav Maga comes with when it comes to good health and self defence. But Kataria says that it’s potential also lies in the professional networking one can do at the studio.

“The friends one makes in these studios can turn into your best friends and sturdy professional contacts. After a certain age, one doesn’t need juvenile interactions but those that strengthen your career instead. The Krav Maga studio is the right place for my professional networking,” feels Kataria, whose busy schedule doesn’t leave him time for professional networking otherwise.

Integrating his professional life into his fitness routine has worked like magic for him. “My job involves spotting bright minds and recruiting the right people at senior levels. My work profile is challenging also because I advise corporates, do career counselling and at these studios, I have found the right people for that,” Kataria says. He feels that it is easier to spot Krav Maga partners who are more mature and professionally oriented.

Yet again, Kataria has taken his Krav Maga classes one step further by incorporating them in his work related workshops too. “My Krav Maga friends have given start up demonstrations in my work related sessions with top MNC professionals, leaving many colleagues impressed,” he says.

Women fighting male aggression in Delhi by Maina Fauliot

Ankita does not fear male aggression anymore. Since she started ‘Krav Maga’ lessons six months ago, the young Delhiite feels more secure walking on the streets of Delhi. .

“Earlier I was really worried that one day I would find myself alone in the streets after eight pm. But now I am sure I can defend myself,” she said.

Udit Bagga, director of the civilian sector of the Krav Maga Federation in India, told the story of a young woman attacked by a man. She was travelling by bus when he tried to steal her money. The girl had been practising ‘Krav Maga’ for a few years. She punched him and the blow was so strong that the man lost his teeth.

‘Krav Maga’ has provided women in Delhi a way to better defend themselves against male aggression. Statistics from the Delhi Police show 400 to 500 rapes per year, but the real number is much higher given most of the attacks are never reported. Delhi is known across the country as the ‘capital of rape’.

In July 2011 the Delhi Police Commissioner advised women against going out alone at night. His statement attracted much criticism from women who said the advice did not answer the problem of women safety on the streets.

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A punch in time saves nine

Ankita Ankur’s fitness routine is a double whammy. It keeps her fit and also teaches her self-defence. A year ago, the twenty six year old enrolled in Krav Maga, a kind of combat training that originated in Israel.
Today there is a sharp leap in her confidence levels as she punches, kicks, elbows the bags and others in her class! Krav Maga has caught the fancy of fitness buffs like Ankita.
It’s a combination of martial arts and other kinds of moves that help in selfdefence.
‘It is no ordinary gymming or cardio class, but a fitness routine that helps you develop combat skills. You learn how to strike and wrestle at the nick of the moment with any offensive person,’ says Ankita who trains at the Ultimate Tactical and Combat Private Limited.

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