Our Philosophy

Combat and Life Skills
The keys of human evolution have relied on the cornerstones of science, technology and research. Most of the human sciences have been governed by the necessity of progress; just like the invention of the wheel. Since, ancient times there have been various learning’s that have shone light upon revelations for the oncoming progeny of humanity. In reverence to all the sciences in the history of human evolution hunting and combat tactics has always determined the success of survival of mankind.

With the establishment of society and its norms and regulations sects and communities have grown. The rise in the number of these panels has increased the demand for personal protection from the various adversities sprouting out as a byproduct of the establishments and thus creating significance for a very meticulous and accurate life skill known as martial arts.
Beyond the martial science has evolved a technical and scientific fighting system which enables an individual to improvise, adapt and overcome situations as per the conditions and level of external or internal threats to ones well-being.

Shatrunashak is a fighting system which allows the practitioner to understand ones physical ability and mental prowess to conquer battles alone paying attention to the rules of survival and life.

The principles of this fighting system have been evolved through years of research and practice across traditional martial sciences by global masters and implemented in geographic diversities suggesting adaptability as per the body type, muscular built and cardio vascular capacity of the inhabitants.

IUKMF – Training Philosophy

At Ultimate Survivor Krav Maga we believe that those who believe in the disciplines of fitness and training must truly experience the wonders of Krav Maga training through experiential learning and exercises. The especially tailor-made programs are directed to fulfill the following needs of its practitioners.


  • Internal and External well being
  • Each practitioner is allowed to practice and train with groups of people coming together in the training for the common purpose of learning this advanced survival skill known as Krav Maga.
  • Through Krav Maga training the goals achieved by the participants is beyond physical health but also mental resilience to any ill treatments or manhandling by anyone or any concern.
  • The psychological benefits of Krav Maga motivate a person’s morale to exceed limitations and achieve milestones in daily routine like commuting or other chores.
  • It develops a competitive spirit in individuals to meet individual and subjective goals.


  • Functionality Agility Strength
  • This category of training is extremely effective for bodily development and strength building.
  • Primary focus is on the functionality of the wide range of exercises providing the base for comprehensive development of the body which assists in development of motor units of muscles useful in realistic combat situations.
  • Krav Maga training promotes agility in the practitioner’s body through technique oriented practice for better results in situations of attacks or assaults such as evading or escaping.
  • It builds a muscle memory to bring about higher and faster reflexes to the builds of practitioners simplifying fleetness and rapid movement.


  • The most imperative aspect of Krav Maga training to individuals from any walk of life is the skill and knowhow to defend oneself from any derogatory assault or attack. It psychological impacts the delivery of a being and nourishes the nature of a true fighter from within.
  • The Skill set Krav Maga also propagates is based upon the ability to protect oneself and their near and dear ones.as well.
  • The benefits of Krav Maga are extended to their personas and create a sense of heightened awareness.