Krav Maga India Team

The Krav Maga India Team was set up by Vikram Kapoor to create awareness about this highly efficient system of learning and training in Self Defense as well as Combat, urgently required in a country like India. With an aim of not only enabling Law Enforcement or the Military to become more efficient but also helping Civilians adapt and train to protect themselves.

It was also set up for an important task – the need for continuous education of new instructors, governmental agencies, special operation teams all over the world and in all aspects of the field (Civilian, Military, Law Enforcement, VIP- protection, Air Marshals etc).

The teams are composed of selected, top level instructors with vast experience in teaching Krav Maga. The members of Krav Maga India operate all over the country and are certified and highly experienced. The teams are responsible for teaching civilian instructors, testing high level grades and Experts, as well as teaching Defensive Tactics, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Self-Defense and Fighting Skills – For all sectors of the Military and Law-Enforcement, VIP protection, SWATs and Intervention Teams, Anti-Terrorist Units, and Security Personnel. They are also involved in ongoing and in-service programs, establishment and control of training systems for the above units.

The Krav Maga Team is also highly equipped to conduct trainings for Corporate Houses, Non-Government Organization, Children and especially Women. Through their own regular training it has grown and become more efficient to train and grow as a team.

Vicky Kapoor

Visionary & Founder of IUKMF

Gurpreet Kaul

Yudhveer Singh

Vice President

Ishita Matharu

Director Women

Udit Bagga

Director India – IUKMF

Ajit Verma

Vice President, IUKMF

Col. Jaideep Singh

Bharat Subramaniam

Vice President, IUKMF

Ishaan Mishra

Vice President, IUKMF

Ashish Semwal

Vice President, IUKMF

Vibou Rutsa

Vice President, IUKMF

Manoj Mohan Das

Kailash Pangtey


Prashant Singh

Sameer Bakshi

Shivanand Poojary

Anjan Gogoi

Rajinder Kumar

Amit Chatterjee

Venkatesh Rammohan

Gaurav Singh

Venkat Raman Nagarajan


Rabi Ch Mohanty

Sanjeev Sharma

Himanshu Sharma

B Sebastian

Rupak Adhikary

Khushru Kumana

S K Gope

Anu V Gopal

Suruchi Sharma

Sunil Shanbhag

Vijeth Rao

Soumyarka Gupta

Jaswant Singh

Sheldon Stanislaus